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Re: [MOL] Info about Gemcitabine, SVP

Lillian, I found the infoabout Gemcitabine, thanks for looking. 

It is a mildly successful agent based on Platinum and is in several trials now
for the desparate. 

Do not hold out much hope for this approach.  Current statements suggest that
someone in stage IV with adenocarcinoma can expect a life expectancy increase
from about 3.5 to 5.7 months.  Big deal huh?  

So, it gives few side effects and at least my brother-in-law is taking
something.  He had fairly resigned to just pass away without making a big
fuss.  Funny mentality to some, but it is sort of how some folks back in the
good ole mid-west seem to approach things, i.e. fatalistically.

So, thanks for the attempt and I'l be looking for a way to get him into some
additional trials for people who tried Gemcitabine with insufficient sudcess.
Dr. Joel Picus at Washington Univ Barnard Cancer place is doing some work in
this area and it would be convenient to the patient.  Picus is involved in two
trials.  One uses weekly intravenous P-30 protein , plus daily oral Tamoxifen
vs weekly intravenous Gemcitabine for advanced pancreatic cancer. 

Picus is also doing a parallel trial that can be followed under PDQ for

Have a super day.  Haven't been on the net much lately, so I apologize for the
delay in responding to your attempt to assist. 

VR Bob.  
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