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Re: [MOL] juvenile angio fibroma

Bill Dudley wrote:
> My 13 year old nephew was just diagnosed with "juvenile angio fibroma".  It
> is on one side of his face and apparently wrapped around his facial bone
> structure. The Doctors feel extensive surgery is the only solution.
> Can you tell me what juvenile angio fibroma is, the normal treatment, and
> the long term outlook for a patient who has it at 13?
> I'm anxious to receive your reply.
> Thank you,
> Bill------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dear Bill,

I can't help you with this specific cancer but do know that Memorial 
Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City has an excellent head and 
neck group.  I speak from exparience as a patient.  If reconstructive 
surgery is necessary, they have an excellent plastic surgery team and do 
unbelievable prostetic work when surgery is not practical...I've 
benefited from both.

You can check them out at

Also, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is excellent (I don't know 
where you live).  They can be contacted at 	Http://

For more information, try calling the National Cancer Institute at 
1-800-4CANCER or on the web at

The University of Penn. has a good cancer site at

You have contributed to this site with your information on PET scans and 
now I am happy to assist with this information.  Keep a positive outlook 
and faith in your God that all will go well for your nephew.  Children 
are very preceptive and know the truth almost instinctively.  Please stay 
in touch with us and let us know how you and he are doing.

God Bless and I'll keep you in my prayers.
John Lehner
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