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Re: [MOL] Info about Gemcitabine, SVP

Dear Bob

I'm not sure of name of Dr at Barnes, but NCI 1-800-4-cancer has his name,
he is head of ONC at Barnes.  I brother lives in St Louis area, but his ONC
is not affliated with Barnes.  We did go to ONC at Barnes for second opinion,
he was a real jerk and we decided to go with first ONC, who can be a jerk,
but was much more optomistic than Barnes ONC.
My best friends husband died this past year with Pancreas/liver cancer.
He was given a couple months and chose Gemzar treatment and he did
live 9 months.  Side effects were minimal.  
If your friend is having problem with his appetite, either Hydrazine Sulfate,
(which you need to watch diet) or ask ONC for prescription for Megace,
it really helped my friends husband and he was able to eat almost to
the end.
I tried to get them to do some alternatives, but they wouldn't do anything
unless ONC approved.  
Take care and it was good to hear from you
God Bless
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