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Re: [MOL] Re: Recipe for Monday Jan 20th

Dear Ron,

Just knowing that you and others care and that I will be missed will
make that day when I return more fulfilling and joyous. You have and all
here have become my daily therapy, cure, mentors, blessings and
knowledge. I am gratified and grateful for you message and sincerity.

God Bless YOu my friend. I know it is not easy for you, and that is why
your courage and message means that much more to me.

Marty Auslander

HewRon wrote:
> Thanks, Marty.
> As you know, I agree about tofu. For me, the easiest way to get it into your
> system is soy milk, called soy beverage in American stores. I have come to
> find it quite delicious. I read somewhere that soy (tofu) is one of the best
> boosters of the immune system. I have been patiently consuming it in various
> forms since last summer -- and before then whenever I went to a Chinese
> restaurant. You are right that it tastes of whatever you put with it. People
> shouldn't be put off by its blandness when you eat it alone -- though nowadays
> even alone it tastes OK to me.
> Glad to hear you are going to be with family for a week. Have a fabulous time
> the pair of you. I'll miss your postings. I always look forward to them.
> Come back ready for an mol-cancer onslaught.
> Happy landings.
> God bless
> -- Ron
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