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Re: [MOL] Info about Gemcitabine, SVP

Jan, 98 

Thanks Lillian 

I have found some info on Gemcitabine on  

It seems to be fairly new with some measure of success, to-wit, use gives 5.7
months whereas not using it gives average of 3.2 months for stage IV
adenocarcenoma of liver and pancreas.  Big help huh. 

Intend to keep him on teas and shark cartilage and stump water or anything
else, if it does no harm and appears to help.  Working on diet and pumping him
with vitamins.  "Who could ask for anything more?" 

Gonna get with my Chinese buddy today and look into the China #1 liquid some

I'll be back Friday night.  

Peace and happiness to ya'all. 

VR Bob.  
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