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[MOL] Info about Gemcitabine, SVP

19 Jan, 98

Hello Gang

Haven't been a participant, other than as a lurker, for awhile.  

Have a question.  Anyone out there heard of Gemcitabine, or Gemcytabine, or
Gemzar or Gemgar as a form of Chemo? 

My brother-in-law has started chemo and the problem is they do not know where
the cancer started, so they are supposedly, giving him some generic treatment.

He has a mass in the pancreas, probably in the bile duct and some in the
liver.  Last month I mentioned that the hospital and staff where he is
admitted has basically said, nothing we can do for him, lwt's make him

So, I think they are taking a comfortable position and doubt their creativity.

He is on essaic tea and I am pushing the green-tea pills and strongly
suggested hydrozine sulfate.  

Someone last month said their brother or some close kin is being treated at
Barnes Hospital in St. Louis Mo., and that the doctor is aggressive and

If you are still with us, please let me know the name of the doctor at Barnes.

Carla, saw that you are clean in the marrow department.  What a neat set of

Very happy for you.  

Look forward to seeing all of you at the March in Sept.  Hope to bring my
brother-in-law along.  

Take care and smile a lot, it confuses the hell out of the doctors. 

VR Bob

p.s.  I'll be off the net until Friday night.  Gotta get to NJ for a week. 

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