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[MOL] Linda, it's okay.

Dear Linda:  It's okay to feel sorry for yourself, you had a big loss and
eventually you will find your strength through your tear's.  I hope you will
stay on line, you could be so valuable  to other caretakers who need to draw
on someone elses strength because you've been there, you know what works and
what doesn't work.  Most of all have no regrets, it was simply time for your
sister and you had no control over that.  There are no what if's.  My mother
and her sister both died in my arms, it hurt so much; but I knew they died
the way they wanted too, it was my greatest gift to them and yes even after
all these year's it hurts.  My mother was my best friend and if I can be
only half as good as she was, then I will make it on th road of life.  We
are all here for you Linda, and by your helping other's who are in the same
situation you will heal faster.  Hope work goes okay for you too.
Your friend Lillian

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