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[MOL] A New Year's wish...

I've been missing you all.. between being run ragged with company for a
week, a sloooooow computer, and catching a bad bug, i'm kind of "out of it"
and will probably be toasting the new year with Nyquil at 9pm!!! (I know,
I'm a real party animal!) But the company has gone home, the bug can't last
forever (can it?), and when my daughter isn't borrowing my computer to
write her paper, I'm hoping to get caught up with everyone before i head
back to work on Monday (though I confess I missed about 500 messages due to
my computers limited memory).

As I look forward to the new year, I am greatful for each of you, for your
caring and humor, for your courage and strength, for your generosity and
spirit. May the new year bring you every blessing and your heart's desire,
and yes, good health to you and your loved ones! Love and hugs to each of
you, dear friends, Joicy

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