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In a message dated 12/31/98 4:48:34 AM Eastern Standard Time,
davey@ses.curtin.edu.au writes:
Hi Russ,
My Husband 73 year old Don has SCLC in the upper right lobe of his lung, and
on his trachea, I guess I should say did have.  He was dx'd March 24, 1998,
started Chemo on April 7, 1998, finished Chemo and done 33 hits of radiation.
Finished Radiation on Sept. 24,1998, then on Nov. 7, 1998 he had a cat-scan
and lab work and showed that his cancer tumors are gone and lymph nodes were
all normal, blood work all in good ranges.  Now!  as far as side effects of
the treatments;  he was extremely tired all the time, he slept more then he
was awake, I beleive that is part of the healing process, your body tells you
what it needs, just lesson.  He gained weight, which the Doctor was happy
with, he also had to have 2 blood transfusions, one during Chemo and one near
the beginning of radiation.  He still tales a lot of cat naps during the day.
He also has heart trouble, so that doesn't help.  Oh!  He did drink Essiac
Herbel Tea, which after the first day of drinking the Tea, he no longer had
those awful leg cramps, and when his immume system starting dropping he would
increase the tea.  He is what they term as Cancer Free now, and the small cell
cancer is the fastest growing cancer and jumps from organ to organ, the
Doctors didn't think he would be with us this Christmas, they say he is one of
those % that won.  He is a tough fighter, loves his wife (Nancy) dearly and
didn't want to leave me yet.  I'll tell you what helps most is this Cancer
Forum, we call ourselves "MOL ANGELS", and our prayers and support works
wonders.  We all fight to beat this.  Venting really helps, and most likely
your family will tire of this and close their ears, or tell you to quit being
a baby, they don't understand cause they have never been there, and they think
you don't need to think about it, or they just don't want to face it, so just
to be able to come in here and unload will here a great deal, but one thing
you might want to remember is around the Holiday's ever the forums start
feeling the tension of what they are going through, not much money, etc,
therefore some of us can get a little touchy, but there is always some that
help smooth the ruffeled feathers. If I can help along the way just feel free
to contact me through MOL or my e-mail address, anytime.  I care.  God Bless
Love and prayers to you and yours,

<< According to research i've read on this 'condition', survival rates are not
 What i would like to know, is:
  1. is this rate of shrinkage good?
  2. do any of you other MOL-ers have a similar condition?
  3. is extreme tiredness normal? (at the moment the only drugs i'm taking
 are MSCONTIN (morphine) 10mg per day and PANADOL (paracetamol) 1000mg -
 3000mg per day) >>

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