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RE: [MOL] Christine

Title: RE: [MOL] Christine

Liz:  I like Third Rock, too, but John Lithgow makes me a little nervous when he runs around naked!  LOL  Besides, it's on at the same time as Drew Carey, so it's a tough choice for me.  Nothing beats Frasier for me, though.  I love it.  I have a crush on his father and Eddie.  Remember when he was trying to get Eddie to identify all his toys and he couldn't?  I tried that with Norman and he could!  Seriously!  He has this big basket of toys and all you have to say is go get your whatever, and he comes back with it.  Also, the towel over the head trick?  It took him two seconds to get out of it.  Eddie just sat there.  Then we tried it on Guido.  He just sat there, too.  Finally, Norman went over and removed it for him!  LOL  Can't tell I'm crazy about my dog, can you?  LOL  Kathy