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[MOL] Les update #2

Well, my health is better and I was in a glorious mood so I decided to have a
smoke (boo, bad guy, no will power).  My daughter joined me out in the back
yard when I saw a strange bit of fogging in my glasses.  I was facing west and
Lynette was facing east so she did not see it.  Then she noticed the smell of
smoke and ran to the edge of the garage to see the fire coming out of the

Lynette got the kids up and out of the house and called 911 while I got my
poor old body moving to check other things (including assessing the
possibility of getting the Miata out).  The car was just to close to the
starting point of the fire.  My guess is that the electrical box/circuit
breakers failed to do the job and the fire started at the box.

As the fire melted away the insulation it would short circuit and cause more
popping and cracking like what you see in the movies.

We are all safe in a motel close to home and We all need to get some rest.
Only minor damage to the garage and my beautiful siding.  For the kids this
has certainly caused them to be excited.

We will meet with the electrician in the AM to assess what is next.

Love you all ;>)  Les
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