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[MOL] Introducing Russ

Dear MOL-ers,

I'm a 46 year old guy from Western Australia who was diagnosed with
inoperable non-small cell cancer (upper right lung).

Since June 1998, i've had 6 weeks of radiotherapy, taken vitamin and
mineral supplements, 'got into' fresh vegetable juices in the morning,
received frequent sessions of psychic/spiritual healing (including Reiki,
Spiritual Healing, Didgeridoo Healing, 'Shamanic' Healing), and meditated
on nearly every day.

In late December i was told the tumour had shrunk from 6cm to 3.5cm. Though
the cancer is still classified 'in-operable', i'm scheduled for an MRI on
26 Jan 1999.

According to research i've read on this 'condition', survival rates are not

What i would like to know, is:
 1. is this rate of shrinkage good?
 2. do any of you other MOL-ers have a similar condition?
 3. is extreme tiredness normal? (at the moment the only drugs i'm taking
are MSCONTIN (morphine) 10mg per day and PANADOL (paracetamol) 1000mg -
3000mg per day)

i noticed in one piece of e-mail, a MOL-er (half-joking?) said s/he was
suffering from memory loss. Me too. i'm in the middle of a PhD study, but
have been unable to work on this research for 6 months (no energy, little
concentration, memory lapses). Surprisingly, the only work i've been able
to do has been 'messing about' with computers (re-building and up-dating
the hardware/software). Does this mean computer technology requires less
brain power than study, or does it use a different part of the brain (i'm
only half-joking!)?

most of the time i feel OK (i can laugh and joke - especially about my
condition), but sometimes i feel sad, scared, angry. sometimes i just don't
know what to do, and at other times i'm completly un-motivated.

i've just realised that one of the benifits of a chat line like this is
simply the opportunity to write down what i'm feeling/thinking. though i'd
like a response, some part of me already feels lighter, happier.

To all of you MOL-ers, and your friends and families, i wish you a very
happy New Year - may you each find the answers you seek.

Russ Davey.

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