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Re: [MOL] how to get past loss of appetite/reply

Title: Mabel
Hi Dee, Welcome to the mol cancer forum.  I would suggest that you get some of the different flavors of Ensure as one of her meals.  Give her light foods, put only a little on the plate at a time.  At 94 they can get pretty worn out just from chewing believe it or not. And ofcourse if she eats her meal a suprise (like a sm. piece of candy) is a definite.
Hope this all helps you....your friend lillian.
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Date: Thursday, December 31, 1998 3:27 AM
Subject: [MOL] how to get past loss of appetite

What do I do to assist a 94 yr old post op patient to eat?  Need help. Any suggestions welcome.  I guess I want to improve her quality of life that's left.
"Always hope for the best"

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