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Re: [MOL] RE: Our Wedding, Don & Nanc..../ahhh!!!

Hi Carla,
Maybe that's the answer, start out small and the only way to go is bigger,
bigger in love, bigger in body,  grow, grow, and grow somemore, and yes I hope
we have many more years too.
Love ya,

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 Date:	12/31/98 12:20:26 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (ken naehring)
 Sounds like a very special day for you Nanc..  It may have started in a
 booth, but you have both given your hearts to make it last!  God Bless and
 may you have many more happy years of celebration..  Love,Carla
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 >Hi  All MOL's,
 >Don & I got married in the booth at the local restaurant where Don always
 >for coffee, and still does, ever since it had been built, not sure of the
 >date, but it's called Mr. Quicks.  I was on my way to church but stopped on
 >the way for Coffee, I was out at home.  I went in got my coffee and went to
 >sit with Don's Aunt Lois.  We drove school bus for the same school and she
 >been trying to get me to meet him, and I just didn't want to date, wanted
 >get my kids through school first.  Uncle Charlie was sitting across from
 >and Don was at a table behind us, Lois had her arm behind me on the back of
 >the booth, she kept bumping my head, saying there was a fly there, so I
 >thought nothing of it.  She finally got Don's attention to come over, she
 >introduced us, and I knew then there were no flies.  His eye's were just
 >sparkling and dancing with happiness.  After asking me out about the 6th
 >I said ok, then I kept breaking dates for about a month, then we never went
 >with anyone else.  We dated for 5 years, is Mother died of SCLC.  I only
 >Bonnie home and she was in twelfth grade, she moved here before I did.  I
 >painted or wallpapered every room in the house.  On Sept. 7, 1986 we were
 >married in the same booth sitting the way we meet with Uncle Charlie and
 >Lois, my girlfriend put flowers at the edges of the booth and brought the
 >three candle holder, a local Minister married us setting on a chair at the
 >of the booth, "he said it was the first time he had ever sat down
 preforming a
 >Wedding Ceremony", The place was crowded with friends and relatives.  After
 >the ceremony Mr.Quicks served the beautiful cake my Grilfriend made for us,
 >along with free coffee for everyone there.  Now every year on Sept. 7th at
 >10:00am Mr Quicks serve donuts and coffee to eveyone in the place for one
 >hour, In honer of our wedding.  We even got our picture taken by the news
 >paper front page no less, and Mr Quicks framed it and hung it in the dining
 >room.  We got plastered with rice leaving the resturant, and headed for CO
 >our honeymoon.  Had a wonderful time.  My kids had a reception in our back
 >yard when we got back.  The following  May my Bonnie graduated from high
 >school and we had her party in our back yard.  Then that Dec. we took my
 >to Texas for the winter and we have been caregivers ever since.  And now
 >know the rest of the Story.
 >Love you all,
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