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Re: [MOL] Nancy... wonderful wonderful

Thanks Dear Carla,  
We have not made plans for the eve of the new year either.  Mainly cause I
didn't know what I would feel up to.  I think I have so many meds. in my body
that they are fighting and keeping me awake.  I loved you little poem.  Both
Don and I would like to get some weight off.  Maybe I'll try and get some
sleep now.  Night.
Love ya,
Nanc {~ o ~}
         (   \/  )
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<< Subj:	 [MOL] Nancy... wonderful wonderful
 Date:	12/31/98 12:16:43 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (ken naehring)
 To: (mol-cancer)
 I am so glad that you are beginning the new year with such very good news!!
I do hope that you ease up a little on yourself and stay focused and getting
all fixed up!  You are worth it my friend and this news today is letting you
know that you are on the right path... Stay focused and this contains a HUGE
HUG for you to celebrate your great news.. Love to you Nanc.. Carla

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