[MOL] Judy.. I feel so common!! LOL! [02938] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Judy.. I feel so common!! LOL!

Judy.. I feel so common when you say that as usual I have said it for everyone!!  Does this mean that I talk too much, or what?/!!  LOL!!  NO! don't answer that! (you either Lil)...
So what are you doing in the South to celebrate New Years??  If you are doing more than having dinner and stopping at friends and then coming home.. then I am being too common again!!  ROTFLOL!!
I wonder if it is showing that I am getting slap happy?  I stayed up until 4 this morning and then tossed and turned until 8 and time to get up... I should sleep very well tonight, if I turn off my chatterbox here soon!!
God Bless you and sending you prayers and wishes for an excellent 1999...   Love and hugs,Carla