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Hi  All MOL's,
Don & I got married in the booth at the local restaurant where Don always went
for coffee, and still does, ever since it had been built, not sure of the
date, but it's called Mr. Quicks.  I was on my way to church but stopped on
the way for Coffee, I was out at home.  I went in got my coffee and went to
sit with Don's Aunt Lois.  We drove school bus for the same school and she had
been trying to get me to meet him, and I just didn't want to date, wanted to
get my kids through school first.  Uncle Charlie was sitting across from us,
and Don was at a table behind us, Lois had her arm behind me on the back of
the booth, she kept bumping my head, saying there was a fly there, so I
thought nothing of it.  She finally got Don's attention to come over, she
introduced us, and I knew then there were no flies.  His eye's were just
sparkling and dancing with happiness.  After asking me out about the 6th time
I said ok, then I kept breaking dates for about a month, then we never went
with anyone else.  We dated for 5 years, is Mother died of SCLC.  I only had
Bonnie home and she was in twelfth grade, she moved here before I did.  I
painted or wallpapered every room in the house.  On Sept. 7, 1986 we were
married in the same booth sitting the way we meet with Uncle Charlie and Aunt
Lois, my girlfriend put flowers at the edges of the booth and brought the
three candle holder, a local Minister married us setting on a chair at the end
of the booth, "he said it was the first time he had ever sat down preforming a
Wedding Ceremony", The place was crowded with friends and relatives.  After
the ceremony Mr.Quicks served the beautiful cake my Grilfriend made for us,
along with free coffee for everyone there.  Now every year on Sept. 7th at
10:00am Mr Quicks serve donuts and coffee to eveyone in the place for one
hour, In honer of our wedding.  We even got our picture taken by the news
paper front page no less, and Mr Quicks framed it and hung it in the dining
room.  We got plastered with rice leaving the resturant, and headed for CO for
our honeymoon.  Had a wonderful time.  My kids had a reception in our back
yard when we got back.  The following  May my Bonnie graduated from high
school and we had her party in our back yard.  Then that Dec. we took my folks
to Texas for the winter and we have been caregivers ever since.  And now you
know the rest of the Story.
Love you all,
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