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[MOL] the minister cried at my daughters wedding

In 1994 My middle daughter got married.First of all the Brides maid passed out during the ceremony,then the minister started to cry.Oh yes,I was the minister.My daughter really chewed me out later,well,sort of.And I really enjoyed that marraige story Kathy.Frank
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Date: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 8:37 PM
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Hi Mam and Frank:  I have a touching story to tell.  When Jerry and I got married -- almost five years ago -- I was 51 and he was 43.  My parents couldn't believe my good fortune, and frankly, neither could I.  I kept wondering what was the matter with him!  LOL  Anyway, he kept nagging me, and I finally consented.  I called a very nice magistrate judge I had known for quite some time and asked him if he'd perform the ceremony.  He agreed to.  His office called the day before the ceremony and said he'd been transferred to Juvenile Hall and would be performing the ceremony there in his office!!!  I said okay.  When we got there, we were told that he'd been delayed at a hearing and another judge was going to fill in for him.  The other judge was a judge I've known for 15 years and I cannot stand him!!  He sends everything I do back!!  He's anal compulsive or retentive or whatever it is, and absolutely drives me nuts!!!  He performed the ceremony.  My daughter got lost and didn't make it in time.  My two brothers were our witnesses and my youngest brother's shoelaces were untied.  Jerry and I got the giggles and the ceremony lasted about four minutes.  Then we went out to dinner and went home.  Isn't that the most romantic thing you ever heard?  I didn't think so, and I certainly wouldn't suggest it to just anyone!  LOL  Love, Kathy
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Date: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 5:48 PM
Subject: Re: [MOL] you are invited to the wedding you know

:) G'day Frank,
When Wayne and I got married, we had limited funds, and limited time too. we decided to (finally) get married at xmas time, and set the date for Feb. 28....Not very long to get organised! After going a few rounds with our parish priest we decided to have the ceremony and reception at home. We had a lovely lady celebrant, and held the reception in the backyard. I catered it myself. It was a lovely night. We got married on a friday evening, then went away to Cronulla Beach (in Sydney) for the weekend (that's all the time we could spare). Perhaps either you, or a relative have a big enough house/garden to do the same? What will the weather be like at that time? I seem to recall something about blizzards? Perhaps indoors would be a better idea, LOL. Anyway good luck my friend.
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Date: Thursday, 31 December 1998 7:50
Subject: [MOL] you are invited to the wedding you know

We want you at my daughters wedding in March,so get all checked out to be ready..Frank
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Date: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 10:25 AM

This is Kathy in Boise again.  My oncologist initially recommended radiation to the brain, but did not push it.  She told me there was a slight chance of brain damage and that my hair would never grow back normally.  I have opted -- at least for now -- not to have the brain radiation, and I've heard no more urging from my doctor.  In fact, the next visit will be to her nurse in March -- I am doing well enough that I don't need to see her.  There is more than one thing about the brain radiation that bothers me -- since I had an unpleasant experience with the chest radiation.  I hope this helps.  However, if the doctor is really pushing this treatment, he or she must have a reason.  Kathy

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    Dear Paul

    my mother is going through treatment for small cell cancer in the lung
    area.  did you have to have radiation to the brain region?  they are
    recommending this for my  mother.  she is not sure what to do?

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    Subject: RE: [MOL] IS HERE HOPE
    Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 2:55 PM

    Dear Paul:  I am 56 years old and I was diagnosed with small cell lung
    cancer last December -- almost exactly a year ago.  Small cell is a
    particularly virulent type of cancer -- it moves very quickly and is nasty,
    in that it jumps from organ to organ with great speed and deadliness.  The
    diagnosis devasted me and my husband.  The doctor said I had only a 35%
    chance of surviving.  She didn't say how long.  Because the cancer was
    confined to one lung, I was accepted into a clinical trial and given very
    aggressive chemotherapy and radiation.  I was very sick, and wouldn't want
    to go through it again, but I would do it, if the results were the same.  I
    read Bernie Siegel's books, went to a cancer support group, leaned heavily
    on my family for love and support, and kept my faith in God strong.  In
    March I was told that the cancer was gone and that I now had an 80% chance
    of surviving for more than five years.  If I have no recurrence within a
    year period, they will consider me completely cured.  This just does not
    happen with small cell lung cancer, but it did!  Even my doctors were
    amazed!  There are quite a few of us on this forum with lung cancer -- two
    of us with small cell -- the rest with the other types.  You will get
    educated answers and a lot of support from us.  Let us help you and your
    father.  Our Lillian and Marty are our researchers -- the rest of us
    each other and offer suggestions.  Let us know what type of cancer your
    father has, the location, and the recommended treatment.  Do this asap, and
    you will be amazed at the response!  Welcome.  Kathy in Boise

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    > i hope someone out here can help me.my dad has lung cancer and he is only
    > 54 yrs old .the doctors are saying he only has months to live .me and my
    > family are having a very hard time dealing with this ..we keep hoping and
    > praying that they could be wrong .we know that the cancer will eventualy
    > get him ,but i have heard stories about people that have been told by
    > doctors that they only have a short time to live and end up living for
    > years ..is this possiable .me and my family need  help ..can onyone out
    > there help us   
    > sincerly    
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