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[MOL] Brief Introduce of CMNa, a Radio- And Chemo- Sensitizer

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the major treatments of malignant tumors. Since solid tumors contain 10-50% hypoxic cells, that are tolerant to radiation and chemotherapeutic agents and can not be killed effectively under routine dose of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, these cells finally become the source of metastasis and recurrence of cancer. Radiosensitizers and chemosensitizers are agents that can enhance the sensitivity of tumor cells to radiotherapy or chemotherapy, thus can be highly effective and economic in cancer treatment.
For half a century, scientists all over the world have searched for radio- and chemo- sensitizers that can enhance sensitivity of hypoxic cells to radiation and chemotherapeutic agents. Many compounds were synthesized and screened. Most of them were nitroimidazole compounds. Miso, discovered by Adams from Britain in early 60`s, was regarded as a good radiosensitizer, but was discarded finally because of its strong toxic and side effects. SR-2508, RSU-1069, and AK2123which were derivatives of Miso with some structural modification, were studied, and found to have either digestive or neuro toxicity, thus could not be used clinically.
CMNa is a new nitroimidazole compound, which was designed and synthesized, and studied by Chinese scientists since 1984. It is effective on enhancing tumor sensitivity to radiation and chemotherapy with only slight side effects. Research on CMNa was granted a "New Drug Research Fund" from Nation Science and Technology Committee in 1989. In 1993, CMNa was patented though National Patent Office, under patent Number ZL891020825. In 1994, CMNa was evaluated and named "national grade new product" by National Science and Technology Committee. It was also listed as nationally emphatic project among "1035 projects". Medical scientists in the world highly praise it as "Chinese Miso(CMNa)".
The preclinical and phase ˘ńclinical study on CMNa was done according to the national class 1 new drug standard issued by National Ministry of Public Health, under the direction of New Drug Research Fund Committee. Tentative clinical research was conducted between 1988 and 1990. The Health Office of the General Logistics Department of PLA in 1993 approved the oral preparation of CMNa for using in the army. The Pro injection of CMNa (freeze-drying powder) was approved for clinical research by National Ministry of Public Health in Sept 1997, and was approved for use in the army by the Health Office of the General Logistics Department of PLA in Dec 1997.
S&H Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modernized enterprise which mainly engage in the research and development, production, distribution of traditional Chinese drugs, western drugs and health food. In 1997, S&H Pharm signed a technical license contract with the researcher of CMNa, Second Military Medical University, and obtained the exclusive right to develop, manufacture, sell CMNa.
S&H Pharm looks forward to cooperate with enterprises over the world in any field about CMNa.
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