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Re: [MOL] you are invited to the wedding you know

:) G'day Frank,
When Wayne and I got married, we had limited funds, and limited time too. we decided to (finally) get married at xmas time, and set the date for Feb. 28....Not very long to get organised! After going a few rounds with our parish priest we decided to have the ceremony and reception at home. We had a lovely lady celebrant, and held the reception in the backyard. I catered it myself. It was a lovely night. We got married on a friday evening, then went away to Cronulla Beach (in Sydney) for the weekend (that's all the time we could spare). Perhaps either you, or a relative have a big enough house/garden to do the same? What will the weather be like at that time? I seem to recall something about blizzards? Perhaps indoors would be a better idea, LOL. Anyway good luck my friend.
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Date: Thursday, 31 December 1998 7:50
Subject: [MOL] you are invited to the wedding you know

We want you at my daughters wedding in March,so get all checked out to be ready..Frank
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This is Kathy in Boise again.  My oncologist initially recommended radiation to the brain, but did not push it.  She told me there was a slight chance of brain damage and that my hair would never grow back normally.  I have opted -- at least for now -- not to have the brain radiation, and I've heard no more urging from my doctor.  In fact, the next visit will be to her nurse in March -- I am doing well enough that I don't need to see her.  There is more than one thing about the brain radiation that bothers me -- since I had an unpleasant experience with the chest radiation.  I hope this helps.  However, if the doctor is really pushing this treatment, he or she must have a reason.  Kathy