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Hi all Mol's,
Well, I found out the power of our Mol Angel Prayers.  The leaky valves are
healing themselves, he said he never seen or heard of anything like this ever
happening.  Also the blockage is GONE, no where to be found.  How about that?
My good cholesterol is high and my bad cholesterol is low, my glucose is 81.
Don and I are both going to the exercise heart clinic, maybe we'll lose a
couple of pounds while they monitor our vitals.  Now I go back to my Family
Doctor for change of meds, and diet.  Then Wed. for my eye surgery.  Now Lil
don't you be doing all those flips, jumps, and all that stuff, we can't have
you getting hurt, so just know that I know you are excited with this news.
Now the downside of all of this, the cause of all the symptoms are not as yet
found, I suppose it could be caused from stress or tension, but I think I'll
let them go ahead with checking the Lungs, I would hate to think something was
overlooked, like so often happens, right?  For now the load has lifted a great
deal.  Thank you for all your wonderful support and prayers, I'm soooo happy,
and tired.  So, Doctors orders, get plenty of rest, and I know what the don'ts
are, and I'll try and be a good girl.  OK, OK, I WILL be a good girl.  Again
let me thank you for all your prayers and friendship.
Love ya all,
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