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<< Subj:	Les update
 Date:	12/29/98 5:29:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	Lesnpeg
 To:	Lesnpeg
 Sorry for not answering the mail sooner.  It has been an interesting couple
of weeks for me.  
 I was scheduled for an MRI but after going through two of them my
apprehension level was sooooo bad it made me sicker than I was before.  The
pneumonia has nearly subsided, the pain in my arm is still there but with some
help from drugs is more bearable than before.  My appetite went away so my
bathroom scale now reads 145 pounds, down from 165 at the first of December.
My hearing has improved a lot and I feel much perkier than I have for the last
two weeks.
 I went to the open MRI today, 12-28  and it will be read next week.  I
received a copy of the film but I don't see a thing. To add to this confusion
I changed insurance policies effective on 1 Jan 1999.  
 I must wish you a happy new year with all your ails be well.  Alexander, my
oldest Grand Son wished for Santa Clause to make me better before Christmas
and by golly I think it's working.
 Now I have a craving for Lemon Merangue pie.
 You know that I Love all of you and pray for everyone everyday.  Love  ;>)
Les >>
Speaking of Les and Peg, has anyone heard from them. It has been a long
time since Les has posted. How is he doing?

Christine: Are you from Ontario?


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