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Re: [MOL] RE: Carla.....Ken's finger?????/Good/Ugly!!

Hi Carla,
Just took my 2:30am Meds.  Thought I would check out the e-mail, while I gave
the pills a chance to go all the way down before I laid back down.  I could
only use a little water, and boy were they bitter, had to gargle with mouth
wash.  Did Ken lose his whole finger?  Was he running some kind of machinery?
I took my tree down the day after Christmas, my youngest daughter Bonnie's
Birthday is the 27th. and she hates having it so close to Christmas, so I undo
the christmas theme to Birthday, just for my Baby, makes her feel special,
which she is.  I think we are two peas in a pod, just don't know how to slow
down, right?  We both know we need to too.  God Bless and do try to slow down.
Love Ya,
your friend always Nanc
In a message dated 12/30/98 1:36:03 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] RE:  Carla.....Ken's finger?????/Good/Ugly!!
 Date:	12/30/98 1:36:03 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (ken naehring)
 Nanc, thanks for asking about me, I am doing fine, just can't find enough
 hours in the day to keep up...   I think I have finally rested up from the
 hectic Christmas rush and now am ready to bundle up Christmas and put it
 away.. It just was not filled with the spirit that I am used to.. Next year!
 Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment (standard) and then need to go to
 University Hospital here and help a friend..  Her significant other  had a
 double kidney transplant a couple of years ago and now has developed a
 kidney infection and has been admitted.. She is so upset and so I will go
 there tomorrow afternoon.
 I also put together the co-op plan for my business and need to take it to
 deliever to the five women.  My friend Donna,with small cell lung cancer
 never got the chance to persue the information as her father died of cancer
 the day before Christmas and was burried yesterday, so I will finish my
 evening there with alot of information that I am printing out now...
 Also it is lightly snowing and getting very cold here..  So the one day that
 I will run for 12 hours, I am certainly hoping that the weather co-operates,
 knowing that I don't drive worth a darn in snow, let alone ice!!  LOL!!  Oh
 well...the world goes forward and so will I!!
 Ken's finger is very nasty looking and I will be glad when he goes back to
 the doctor.. He keeps trying to stick it in my face each time he soaks it..
 The words, I have a weak stomach.. do not seem to matter to him.. he thinks
 it is funny...
 I have been baking bread and I should have stayed with my resignation of
 baking with the Christmas cookies!!  That bread is just about the pickiest
 thing!!  LOL!!  The first loaf looked like it had been in a storm (but it
 tasted good), the second loaf was a beautiful shaped loaf, (but a little
 tall), and todays loaf has a peak on one side and a valley on the other!!!
 It is a hoot Nanc.. and of course it would happen to me..not you!!  :-)
 Now listen up you ol druggie!!  I am praying for you and like all the other
 molers who love you, waiting anxiously for an update...  When you need to
 just take a deep breath and focus on that breath coming in and going out..
 Do that a few times and then allow yourself to feel the warmth of love and
 prayers from all of us who care for you... It works!!  Honestly it does..!!
 God Bless you dear and you will be okay.. I just know it.. So you believe it
 girlfriend and tell that doctor to fix you up and send you back to your
 friends!!  Love and hugs, Carla
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