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[MOL] Save 50% on ViaDraw Software

Here is a great software package to help you make better use of your Scanner,
Digital Camera or just let your creative side go and create your own works of
art. ViaDraw is software for everyone. Let ViaDraw help you make your ideas come
alive. Finally image-editing and drawing software that any age can enjoy. ViaDraw
was developed with the novice in mind. If you're looking for software to do a 
professional graphic presentation or you just want to create party invitations,
ViaDraw is for you. Draw 2D shapes or 3D objects, stretch or zoom, fill and
shadow. Scan your favorite pictures, add 3D text and export to an HTML file
for everyone to see on your web page. ViaDraw is software for today's PC user 
at a price that everyone can afford. Powerful enough for a professional
designer, but easy enough for the average person!

Order now and ViaGrafix will include one of the below software training
titles FREE - that's a $49.95 value!

- Learning Word 97, Introduction
- Learning Excel 97, Introduction
- Learning Photoshop 5, Introduction
- Learning Windows 98, Introduction
- Learning Windows NT 4, Volume 1
- Programming in HTML 4, Volume 1

Click the below link to order your copy ViaDraw:

20 GREAT Reasons to use ViaDraw

	1.	Create 2D & 3D Objects
	2.	Add Depth to Shapes
	3.	Edit Text Like a Word Processor
	4.	Create Text Art with Multiple Effects
	5.	12,000+ Clip Art Gallery
	6.	Scan and Edit With the Image Tools
	7.	Smart Line Features
	8.	SmartEdit Box Makes Editing Easy
	9.	Cookie Cutter Shape Trimming
	10.	Simple Moving and Resizing of Objects
	11.	Group Objects for Easy Editing
	12.	Rearrange Stacked Objects
	13.	Align and Distribute Objects
	14.	Dynamic Fill Patterns
	15.	Create Art for the World Wide Web
	16.	Drawing Aids for Alignment of Objects
	17.	Key in Coordinates for Precision Entry
	18.	Exact Line Type Control
	19.	Compatible with Most Popular Image Formats 
	20.	Easy to Use Drawing Wizards

Plus, you get a free video tutorial to teach you how to use ViaDraw a $49.5 value

Click below for information on ViaDraw:

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