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You, my friend have come to the right place.
There are many people on this this who have, or who care for, someone who was supposed to be long dead! Statistics are just a bunch of numbers used by researchers to help in planning what resources/research is needed in particular areas/diseases. They DO NOT take into account INDIVIDUALS like your dad. He can prove them wrong. The secret is simple, get as much information on conventional and alternative treatments as possible (this list will help), get a second, third or fourth opinion, until you find a doc/onc that you are happy with, and keep a positive attitude. Coming here is the first step. You will receive all the information you can handle from these wonderful people, all you have to do is ask. Yes, Here lives Hope!
Love Mam 
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Date: Wednesday, 30 December 1998 6:36

i hope someone out here can help dad has lung cancer and he is only 54 yrs old .the doctors are saying he only has months to live .me and my family are having a very hard time dealing with this ..we keep hoping and praying that they could be wrong .we know that the cancer will eventualy get him ,but i have heard stories about people that have been told by doctors that they only have a short time to live and end up living for years this possiable .me and my family need  help ..can onyone out  there help us   
paul mcwilliams