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[MOL] Neovastat

Hi, everyone.   I went to Long Island, NY, today to take Jeff to visit a
friend from camp and came across following in local paper.

"Neovastat has passed the first two phases of drug testing designed to
assess safety.  The third and final phase will test whether it prolongs the
life of patients with non-small-cell lung cancer.

The trials should begin early next year, according, to Dr. James M. Pluda,
a scientist in the investigational drug branch at the NCI.  The US study
will be overseen by doctors at MD Anderson and the plan is to test between
500 to 600 patients.

Long Island Jewish medical center is one of 40 US hospitals to participate
in the study.  Doctors there have tested Neovastat on almost a dozen
patients when all else has failed.  Dr. Dilip Patel, director of the
hematology/oncology fellowship at the hospital and a lead investigator in
the study said a preliminary analysis has shown that there is enough
evidence to move forward in the final phases of drug testing.  He will be
presenting findings fromthe initial study in May at a meeting of the
American Society of Clinical Oncology.'

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