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Re: [MOL] An Irish Blessing

For All MY Great and Wonderful Irish FRiends,

Just so you know...I have bought all 4 versions of Michael Flatleys and
the Irish Dancers Videos as Barb and I work out on the treadmill for
about one hour each day to the great dancing and songs of these troupes.
The videos are:

Riverdance.....Michael Flatley
Riverdance In New York
Lord of the Dance...Michael Flatley and,
Feet of Flame ....Michael Flatley.

I grew up in the Jewish area of Chicago about two blocks from the Irish
area on the WEst side, 2 blocks from the Italian neighborhood on the
East side about 2 blocks from the Poles and German community on the
NOrth side and there was a great mix of all ethnic cultures and the
dancing from all these great groups gave us great joy in their music,
culture and dancing. The videos from these series of "Riverdance, etc".
has been an extraordinary energy filled with joy and exercise in our
daily routine of wellness. So my dear Irish friends, hope you are
tapping your way to this great sound for all of us other Americans who,
each time we hear this music, just have a little Irish in us as well.

God Bless
marty (the Leprauchan)
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