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Re: [MOL]Lillian

No, Donna is still looking for a job. She is collecting unemployment
insurance so, you're darn right, she is contributing to the household. We
went to a Christmas party last Tuesday, and this Wednesday we are going to
a friend's house. We really should take more advantage of her babysitting
but she makes me feel so quilty every time I even leave the house. She has
been here now going on 8 MONTHS. I must say it is starting to wear on me

At 08:03 PM 27/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Has your sister gotten a job yet?  I hope she is financially contributing
>to the household!  This may be a good time for you and hubby to take long
>walks, go skiing, snow shoeing, snow mobile riding, ice fishing, ice
>skating, anything to leave her baby sitting!!!!  LOL! your friend, lillian

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