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Hi Carla,
Like you, I love to read, but during the school term I have so many student papers to read, there is little time for recreational reading. Unlike you, when I have the time to do it I do read all day and into the night if the book is good.

I enjoy the prehistories. (Clan of the Cave Bear, etc.) and I have been reading the series of books by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear that tell stories based on the archaelogical information found about the various American Indian Tribes. Right now I am reading "People of the Mist" which takes place in the Chesapeake Bay region. I have read every book in the series. The first one was "People of the Wolf".

Other than that I have hundreds of books on many topics. For example, I have many garden books, many sewing books, many cookbooks, etc. I love books.

With everything that is going on in your life, the store and all, how are you dealing with the stress. I know this has been a difficult season for you. I hope you have come to a clear decision about what you need to do. It is so very difficult to live in limbo.

Be good to yourself. I was pleased to see that your contact with family over the holidays went well.

Thanks gal.. I will definitely pass it on to Ken.. I have to go change his bandage here in a few! oh....

I know that you deserve this time off and I am so glad that you are making the most of it and enjoying it to the fullest for you... What are you reading?? I received a gift certificate for Borders and Books and was already there tonight for a couple of hours and came out with some new selections... If I don't have a couple of books going, then I am worried about me.. I truly love to read and learn.. Don't get me wrong.. I am not a person that sits and reads all day.. Just about an hour each night..

I got a bread machine and bought a book so that I can start baking up bread... I got a couple of books that will be good for my spirit and a couple to learn a new hobby.. I didn't buy my vege magazine tonight, because that gives me a good reason to go back and look some more.. I truly feel much better if I am there atleast everyother week!! I could be there everyday, which is why everyone teases me that if I don't open the store.. I should work there part time... I just might.. it would make me happy and give me some time away..

The store decision is close to having to be made.. The building has been power-washed and is being painted.. I have paid the overhead for 16 months with no income from it and pretty well busted my little business account! So I will put things together on paper this week and give them to the women I have discussed the co-op with and if it is meant to be, then it will open and if not, that is okay as I know that something else will present itself...

Well my dear... enjoy the rest of this well deserved break and know that you are in our prayers and hearts.. God Bless you and much love, Carla

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