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RE: [MOL] Kathy

Title: RE: [MOL] Kathy

Dear Jeanne:  Thank you so much for the post.  As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt as if I was right there with you, your descriptions are so vivid.  We have been so busy, we haven't even had time to view the last video you sent -- the one I'm to forward on to Les -- but I expect we will over the long holiday weekend.  It's very cold here, and not nearly as scenic as where you are.  Boise is high desert and although it's lovely in the summer, it's a bit brown and dismal in the winter, due to our lack of evergreens and our cold weather.  We may have snow for Christmas, but I'm hoping not because my parents must drive 65 miles to get here for dinner.  I always worry about them because they're getting up there in years.  Your meal at the staff party sounds divine.  I had rack of lamb a week ago -- the first time in years.  Jerry doesn't like lamb, so I rarely get it.  When I do, I savor it!  I'm cooking Christmas dinner this year -- that is, if I can get Jerry out of the kitchen.  He loves to cook and if he's not cooking, he's snooping to see what everyone else is doing -- peeking in the oven, looking in pots, etc.  He's getting better all the time, and I find that I do less and less!   We're looking forward to a warm and wonderful Christmas this year -- such a change from last year when things looked so bleak.  We're going to enjoy and expect you will, too.  Have a wonderful time, Jeanne.  So nice to hear from you!  Love, Kathy