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[MOL] Kathy

Kathy, back on line and just catching up. News on the video situation? I am
still taping Due South for you. I see you are keeping up your good works on
MOL and enjoy reading your messages.

Our server is loaded up with graphic files which are excluded from
downloading to this machine, and James will go through them soon in case
you sent a file.

We had visitors, including my mom's AUNT, I was flabbergasted to see she is
still making the rounds of her kin, from one end of the country to another.
Last night we went to the Butchart's gardens, our major tourist attraction
which is all lit up for Christmas. We took an Australian who was just
delighted to see all the snow. She was raised here and still flies home
every Christmas to escape the heat of Sidney. Yes, them that has, gets! We
got snow yesterday and the weatherman is predicting that we might have a
White Christmas! First one since 1986! We are going up island to snowshoe
for a fee days and visit kin and friends. I think James's brother is
arriving tomorrow to stay for Christmas and Boxing Day. We finished
cleaning, yard and house, dog, NOT cat, stocked up the pantry, shopped,
sent letters and cards before the recommended postal date, wrapped and now
baking. We made copies of James mother's recipe book for all her "boys".
She died this year and these were their Christmas presents. Today Cathy
baked up a batch of Panatoni (sp?). Potluck Christmas dinner and then here
for turkey (free range) dinner on boxing day. Cathy is making Christmas
pudding and hard sauce for the Potluck. Then I will have to go back to
chomping on broccoli. We went to my husband's staff party and Cathy and I
fell off the wagon, so to speak. I had a steak and Cathy had rack of lamb.
This is my first steak since my birthday in August. Have to admit I really
enjoyed it and the apple pie! I savoured evey mouthful and really had a
endorphin blast! Now that I have confessed, I feel better! LOL

Cathy and I will be helping decorate our church Thursday. Our priest, tells
me I am blessed in my family and friends. I agree wholeheartedly. We may
have gone through difficult times but we asked for help and received the
strength to see it through. Each day I wake and say "This is the day that
the Lord had made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!" It does seem
difficult at times when things go wrong but it evens out mostly.

Just in case, best wishes for a Happy Christmas. May the New Year bring
healing and peace to you and your family. God Bless, Jeanne

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