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[MOL] Kathy

Re: Arlene.

Of course my Dad didn't listen to her.  In fact, he told her his "real"
problem is women talking too much.  (He doesn't want to discuss his illness AT
ALL).  I think I told you that my Dad (verbally) attacks everyone who is
trying to help, most esp. my stepmother and me.  

We had a fight 3 days after he came home from the hospital.  I told him, "I'm
not the enemy, Dad."  And, "No country ever won a war by shooting its own
soldiers!"  You see, that's exactly what he's doing; alienating the very
people who are on his team instead of directing his anger at the doctors, et.
al., who should be offering him information, guidance, and sympathy.  Instead
they treat him like an old man who may or may not "make it" so their attitude
is, "we'll do what we have to and no more."  That may not be the truth, but it
is the way they come across to those of us uneducated in the world of cancer
and fearing the possibility of losing a loved one to that coward.

Arlene is a godsend however; she has really given us (who listen) lots of

Chris R.
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