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I've only joined on recently and have been in contact with Lillian.  But I
have read every one of your messages.  I have also taken them to heart knowing
you are only concerned and really care about all of these people.

My sister has just been diagnosed with Uterine cancer which has spread yet we
don't know ehre to yet and I lost my Dad to stomach/gastrointestinal cancer
Your a wonderful man and unfortaunately there are not enough of you out there.
I will certainly miss all of your advice and diets, concerns, ideas, thoughts,
vitamins, etc...  I've printed out every one and sent them to my sister.
Believe me I am so sorry you are leaving.

My Dad is my Angel out there and on my shoulder always and I believed that you
were one here.

Have a beautiful seacon and God bless you,
Thank aayou for all ayou have done for my sister
Cindy Camp
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