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[MOL] Frank, Lil

Frank started me thinking me on this.  I was quite disturbed at the
response of some of his congregation as to his getting ill. People
sometimes get the idea that illness is their fault or other people think
that if you get sick than it somehow must be your fault. I had someone say
to me that I must have chosen to become deaf as a punishment for past sins!
It is like Job in the bible, he loses his first wife and children, loses
his fortune and becomes ill. His friends think that he MUST have offended
God. The belief that if we are really, really good and do the right things
in the RIGHT way, bad things won't happen to us. Seems we would rather feel
guilty than admit that we will never know WHY we got sick. Well, I don't
think it is our fault at all though we DO have a choice how we will react
to our illnesses. We can take responsibility for our physical health
through proper nutrition, exercise if we are able, and use mind body
techniques to keep our spirits whole and positive. As Marty and others can
testify, there is no such thing as an incurable illness. Even when people
have mets, there are a few well-validated reports of complete cure.
Whatever the outcome, we can live for today. It is worthwhile that we study
the stories of people who have gotten well or survived way past "their
time". Still as the comedian Redd Foxx put it" there are going to be a lot
of health nuts in hospital feeling foolish while dying of nothing." 

PS, Job did hang in there and was restored to new beginnings.

I needed the reminder, I have been spending nights with my mom while my dad
is away and dad forgot to give us the access code to underground parking. I
had been parking on the street but last night used the Guest pass to park
behind their builing. This morning - no car! I had to pay $84.53 to get it
back! Later I managed to misread the instructions for the colonscopy and
swallowed the first laxative a day ahead of time. So I will be close to
home not only today but tomorrow and tomorrow. Good thing that my root
canal was for Monday. (no kidding!) Our TV broke down and I was going to
have the VCR checked while I was about it... left it at the dentists.
Anyone think I am apphrensive about the coming test? (Chuckle!) 
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