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[MOL] About the Garlic ARticle and a fond adieu.

My Dear FRiends,

I am sure you will all think I am nuts when you get this message. First
the article on Taste of Life was abstracted from an article that was
written in part by Dr. Nancy Mueller, a neurologist in New Jersey and I
thought it would be in the best interest that it should be passed on
here. I received a personal message from one whom I respect and admire
and have befriended for life, that I was sending and misleading you. I
am not a professional and I do not think these things up. Much has been
written on the benefits of garlic and Barb and I take garlic on a
regular basis. If any have any criticism about this pls call Dr. Mueller
in New Jersey and aire out the disagreement with her.

I also received two messages from MOler members who I am always inspired
by and with that criticized me about the insensitivity I showed to PJ
and Frank in my reply and message to them. I apologized for this, with
all humulity. NOw, the garlic thing and the criciticism that I have
received....well it is time for me to take a step back and unsubscribe
for a while. I do believe I am wrong in the way I articulated and that
was pointed out. So, in taking a step back, I will take the time to
refocus my goals and thoughts so that I can come back here a better and
wiser person. It was pointed out that I lectured and was insensitive. In
my exhuberation to support and guide and post, I sometimes do get
carried away. That is the mediterranean in me. So, once again, I
apologize for any undue stress. I will return in time. I wish you all a
very healthy and happy holiday season. Those of you who wish to write to
me personally, I will always respect and reply with love. Those that
wish to see me off,,,,then so be it. But, I leave because I truly
reflect on what is right and what is wrong and in this case, after
rereading my messages to PJ and Frank it could be construed as
insensitive. But, truly, I tried not to lecture but to point in a more
healthy direction and with some of my own tongue in cheek humor. I guess
that did not go over so well even though I tried to be somewhat humorous
as you all have. I am far from a humorist. I guess that was evident.

Well, I don't want this to be another lecture. I love you. I love you
all. You are in my prayers, thoughts, heart.

God Bless and hopefully with Gods wishes will come back.
Your very humble friend
marty auslander
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