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[MOL] Nanc!

Now you know I wouldn't forget that tomorrow is your big day at the
hospital.  Wonder if they will give you one of those funny gowns where your
hiney hangs out?  I know you are a nervous wreck, because you are always so
busy thinking about others and now you have to think about yourself and
what is to happen. and what it will be like afterwards, how many things you
are behind on and on and on.  So put all your cares and woes out of that
pretty little head of your's and it's about time we worry about you for
you.  Let us do what we do so well, to love and to cyber hold, in sickness
and in health.  Our wonderful prayers will be storming heaven, there will
be so many you will be able to see the doves flying into the sky as you
embark on to the hospital. Oh lookie!  See the little plump dove?  Hey,
watch it, that's me heading up with my prayers!  Oh, there's Frank, just a
few feet behind me and I see PJ  right in front of me, any other chubbies
out there?  Hey girlfriend, I am trying to make you laugh, has it worked
yet?  I see Martha and June and Mam , well barely there so far ahead of us;
but that's just fine, because the trip back is faster for the last three
You should take one of your beautiful lamps and make lots of sales, you
know kinda kill two birds with one stone.  While under just keep talking
about the shimmering lights and surgeon and his assistants will buy them
immediately, because they will think you have lost it completely.  Stay
cool and know that we love you and will be walking the floors waiting to
hear how it went for you. Love, sis

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