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Re: [MOL] Hi to All !!!!!

Dear Mols,
Lil thanks for all the info. What would we do without you  and Marty?
Not very well if all the writing was left up to me. My daughter called
me a lurker. Egad that sounds sinister. 
Going nuts from the side effects of my medicine. First my mouth
blistered, then my palms and soles of my feet. All well now so I go back
on meds in am.
Kathy K. I am so glad I can read your posts now. 
June Did you get your SRS report back yet?
Nanc  Hope you are better and all goes well in your operation. 
Judy  lived in Lake Charles for 4 years 
and loved it love bugs and all. Please give Sally my best if you see
Hi Carla and Joicy   Bless you for all the inspiration you continue to
give us.
Greg sending you a big hug.
Wayne I am gong to tell  on you when Mam gets home. 
Dee  How much more chemo will your dad get?
Mary  You  certainly have a heavy load  on your shoulders. I pray that
God will be by your side.  

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