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[MOL] diarrhea

Hi Everyone (Again)

I just want to say again about the kool aide and chips and soup the onc told
my mom to take.  Someone in her office found these products to be helpful with
the drastic diarrhea that comes with this chemo.  But the chances are less
than 10% which is great.  

I wanted to continue with my last email saying that I truly thank all of you
by saying all the prayers and words of encouragement to my mom and myself.  
You all have lifted my spirits up each and every day.  

The oncologis also said that my mom's tumor and cancer won't go away but it
can be controlled like it is with chemo.
I believe that but I also belive that God is the ultimate person to make the
decision for my mom.
I thank you all for listening to my run on sentences and for the prayers.  
My prayers for you are just as strong.
God Bless Each and every one of you.

Love to all
Love, Hugs, Kisses
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