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[MOL] Joke!

One  day  a husband decided to go to a pet store and
get his wife a bird   For   Christmas.   He knew  she 
loved  animals,  birds  in particular, and decided this
would be the perfect gift for her.
He  goes to  the pet store and asks the manager if he
has anything special In the way of birds.  The manager
tells him that in fact he does, it's a Bird named
"Chet" who sings.
The  guy  is  very interested  and  asks to see Chet.
The manager brings him over to a beautiful bird and
tells the husband that this is  Chet.  The  husband
asks what is so special about him and the manager tells
him that Chet can sing, and that he'll show him.
The manager  then  takes a cigarette lighter out of
his pocket and lights  it  a few inches underneath
Chet's right foot.  Chet begins to  sing  "Jingle
Bells,  Jingle  Bells, Jingle All the Way".  The
husband says that it was great, "Does Chet sing
anything else?"  So the  manager then  lights  his
lighter under Chet's left foot, and Chet begins  to
sing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the 
ones I used to know ..."   The husband is very
impressed, sure that his wife will absolutely love this
bird, so he buys Chet.
He  brings the bird home and presents it to his wife as
a Christmas gift.  She  is  very  happy  and says  the
bird is beautiful.  The husband  tells her That the
bird can sing, and he takes his lighter and  lights it
beneath Chet's right foot, and Chet begins to sing,
"Jingle Bells,  Jingle  Bells,  Jingle  All the Way". 
The wife is thrilled  and  asks  if  he can do anything
else.  The husband then lights  the lighter under
Chet's left foot and Chet begins to sing, "I'm
dreaming of  a white Christmas, just like the ones I
used to know..."
The wife is overwhelmed and asks, "What would happen if
you put the lighter under both of his feet at the same
time?"  The husband says that  he  doesn't know, but
they could try it.  So the husband puts the lighter
under  both  of the birds feet and the bird begins to
"Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire...."

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