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[MOL] Kool Aid & Campbells Soup

Hi Everyone

My mom's oncologist just called me at home from Florida.
I can't believe it.  I was very happy to hear her.  Now this is what she told

Mom will start new chemo-Camptosar on Wednesday.  Mom needs to drink Kool Aid
and eat campbells soup and potato chips.  The oncologist said that diarrhea is
common with this Camptosar. The onc has found that these foods offset the
diarrea alot.  Her office has noticed that since patients have taken these
foods with this chemo their patients have between 1-10% of diarreha.  Wow this
is great.  
The onc said that she knew my mom wanted to come to NY for Christmas but I
told her that I was going to FL and the onc was happy.  She wants my mom to
get the chemo and stay in florida to watch over her.  
The onc said that mom is doing great otherwise.  Mom is passing her stool
perfectly with no problems.  I explained about the hopsital visit  last month
and mom's doctor saying mom would get a bag if she didn't pass stool.  Now
this week mom's stools are perfect.  
The onc also said mom needs to stop smoking and no coffee or caffeine
The one also said that if mom has no reaction to this new drug her chances are
very very good.  If mom should get a reaction to the drug there are other
means to combat this tumor.
The best news I heard was that this MASS has not invaded any other organs.  No
spreading of cancer at all.  I'm flying in the air right now with this.

Now I told mom all this and said either she does this or I will have to take
drastic measures.
SHe promised me she would stop smoking.
Now I will be going there next week.  My uncle said that if I'm there she
won't smoke and she will listen to me and her grandson.

Oops gotta go my son is home sick with a temperature and he is rying
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