[MOL] 'Torie [03521] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] 'Torie

I am so glad to hear from you and get your update...  I do understand that you will only be posting as you can and that is just fine....I am happy to hear from you and about you again... 
I am sorry that the treatments are not doing what they need to do for you right now.  Your options are serious and I know that you have given them some excellent thought, research and then more thought..  It does sound like a trial may be a good thing for you to do..
I know that it will help you when you are not working full-time and will be able to spend more time reaching inside yourself and helping to focus your mind/body and spirit on healing...  I agree that the adenocarcinoma has been a bear, but it can still be beaten Torie and you remember that and focus on wellness...
Welcome back dear Torie...  write when you feel like it, read when you can, but know that many hugs are coming to you!  Love, Carla