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[MOL] Jeanne

Hi gal!!  I am glad that you missed my birthday fluries on the 22nd... since it was the 23rd!!  LOL!!  Besides I plan to have many more and don't need the fanfare anymore...  Just the mere fact that I am having a birthday and feel good is more than enough!!
I am glad that you enjoyed hearing about Alexis and the frantic granny!  LOL!  She is just too cute and I am just too glad to have her for a few days and then return her to mom while I rest up for the next visit!! 
How did the appointment go with the Cardiologist and how is your mom doing?? Please let us know friend...  You know this time of the year things get really hectic for us all and I am no different, but I do care about how things are going for you Jeanne, so keep me informed...  Lots of love and hugs, Carla