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[MOL] Christine

Hi gal.. I am sure sorry to hear that Christmas is so hard for you.  I know  that the anniversary of a death of someone you love is very difficult and around the holidays would make it harder, but Christine there is so much to find in the blessings of Christmas and the celebration of what it means..  You have such a lovely family and I will be praying that you can have a truly special one this year with the memory of your mom and her love just being an added blessing to all of you..
I can tell that you have some trepidations about the mammogram needing to be repeated ontop of the concern with the cyst.  Christine, no matter what, you just remember that you can heal and refocus on that wonderful inner spirit of strength, healing, comfort and love that lives inside of you...  You can do it gal!!  I know you can..
How did you and your sister do at the craft show??  I hope that it was successful and fun.. what all did you two make/sell??
I am doing pretty well.  Headaches and dizziness are still there along with funny rushes of tinglings buzzing here and there, but I will be getting the MRI on Wednesday.
I also need to call the doctor about my stomach again...  I have been on prevacid and ran out when I went to Nashville...  Well, I managed to get ill again and I guess I had better find out exactly what is going on there...So I will call tomorrow and see what is next there...  How many years went by that I didn't even see a doctor and now I feel like I can't go without!!  LOL!!  Oh well, I know that I will heal and all this will be behind me..  I guess this is just the time for me to make sure that all is on course...
Well Christine, you let me know how you are doing and know that I am always an email away... God bless you my friend and lots of hugs and love, Carla