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Re: [MOL] Marty: Diet Info/PJ!!!!

PJ you wrote:
>My apologies to all of you for putting this diet junk on the mol.  I know
this is a cancer line and my problems are so far from what all of you are
going through.  -----------------------------------------------

Oh my dear PJ....just accept this HUGE HUG from one of your friends!  There
is no reason to apologize for the fact that you have been a real blessing to
many of us since you came on and you are loved and appreciated..

You know PJ, none of us can live cancer every single minute of every single
day and that is why we have so much information, jokes, bantering and if we
are lucky...sharing about what is in our hearts and our days..  This forum
is about guidance, love and friendship...

I do hope that you find a regimen that is good for you, because we all want
you well and happy, not because of "weight"...  I pray that you just take
one minute here, take a deep breath, hold it.....................hold it
...........hold it.................ah, there.. let it out and when you do
you will feel a warmth.  This warmth is your inner love, acceptance and
peace.  Let this is with you every single minute of every day..  Don't lose
that,  but lose a few pounds in a program that makes you happy and is good
for your health...  Now, when you figure out the program, be sure to share
it with some of your cutie patootie friends moi!!  LOL!!

I too have put on alot of weight in the past year and I can get the food
part under control, but then not the exercise and vice versa... So we truly
do need a good combination of both..  I love you friend and am sending you
lots of hugs and good thoughts to inspire you to find and keep your self
love and peace...   Carla

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