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[MOL] New Update on Mom

Hi All.
Mom went to onc today.
Onc will put mom on Camptosar starting Wednesday.  She will get 2 treatments.
The Camptosar will give my severe diarrhea.  Then mom needs to see Onc on 21
Dec.  Mom cannot come to NY for Christmas so we will go there.

My question is the following (I will look it up on interent but if any of you
have taken this let me know) The onc told mom to drink Koolaide the nite of
chemo and also drink 1 can of Cambells soup. This is suppose to relieve the
diarrhea a little.
If any of you have heard of this let me know.

So I quess we will be spending Christmas in Florida again.  That's great to
The only problem is I just spent the last hour decorating the house here.  Oh
well atleast I got some exercise doing all the reaching and cleaning and a
tiny bit of Nordic.  Nordic is very very hard to do.

I will search read the info Ms. Lillian sent me on Camptosar again just to
refresh my memory.  Thanks Lillian you are a doll.
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