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Re: [MOL] Marty: Diet Info

Dearest PJ,
I to have gained so much weight.  When I started chemo in June I was over
weight.  I keep telling myself I wasn't fat, I was happy.  I wasn't.  I had
not seen my sister since last Christmas.  So in June I took my mom and my
niece and went to Fl. to visit.  She started crying when she saw me.  She
wasn't happy, she saw how much weight I had gained.  This made me want to do
something about it.  One week after returning home from Jan's house, I was
diagnosed with cancer. Well, to make a long story short, I have lost 20 lbs.
Not even trying.  But, My Hubby saw how much i weighed and he was kinda mad at
me for letting myself go so much.  We have talked about it and after chemo and
radiation we are going to start walking.  Just take a little bit of it at a
time.  It took me 21 yrs to get this way I guess it'll take  a while to lose
it.  Hay, just think after we loose all this weitght, we'll need a new
wardrobe. HA! Ha!  Hang in there kido, you can do it.  We are all pulling and
praying for you.
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