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[MOL] Marty: Diet Info

Hi Marty

Thanks for the funny beer diet post.

God Bless You. 
I welcome all information on recipes and foods to help me get to my goal.  You
can send them to pserritell@aol.com.  

There are many reasons why I'm doing this diet now.  I quess I have to open up
with all of you.  Until now I have only confided in NANC.  I must admit I'm
crying and embarrased for telling you.

I was thin all my life 110 until I was married. Then 5 years later had a baby
gained massive amount of weight.... I had a difficult pregnancy-toximea (sp),
high bp, sciactica and bed ridden last 2 months.

Blood pressure became uncontrollable.  Then sciactica kicked in and exercise
was not helping.  I went for physical therapy but I didn't have support at
home to continue my therapy.  

Then the ball dropped this week with having a very high blood pressure of
180/110.  I felt dizzy around the holiday with all the cooking & cleaning.  I
thought I weighed less so yesterday I had my husband be a witness
(embarrassing for me) and weigh me.  I was 188 lbs.  I though I was 175 which
is what I weighed over the summer.  I must admit I cried for an hour plus.

Also there is one more important reason and that is CANCER. Cancer is running
rapid in my family history with women.  I need to stop from eating and cooking
all the goodies for everyone else and then eating them all myself when the
leftovers are staring me in the face.   

I need control.  I need to have discipline.  I need to lose to this weight and
be happy with myself.  I need education about food.  

Marty when I looked in the mirror, I must admit I don't see the weight I see a
somewhat happy person.  But lately when I look in the mirror I don't see
happiness, I see excuses.  

Last week one of the dear molers put up an Erma Bombeck message that said "IF
I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER".  Well I don't want to be selfish and wish I had
another life and say I wouldn't let my body get this way again.  I don't want
to get to the point that I can't turn back and the food becomes controlling

Another post that hit home was don't put things off and that is what hit me
the most.
And that is when I started feeling dizzy.  I think God was giving me the hint
to cut it out before it's too late.

Right now I know I can do this.

And I will....

So BEAR with me folks.

And keep the jokes coming.

I'm going to Nordic now and pray while I'm doing it.  I have figured out that
since my son will be watching a video and I'll be on the Nordic I use the
quality time and pray.

My apologies to all of you for putting this diet junk on the mol.  I know this
is a cancer line and my problems are so far from what all of you are going
through.  I appreciate your responses and good wishes and my heart thanks you
so very much for your understanding.

Love ya
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