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Re: [MOL] There's Our Judy !

Dearest Lil,
I talked to Sally after she came home from Houston.  I called her 3 times, but
she never called me back.  I think maybe she needs to get away from Cancer for
a while.  And, I understand that.  Her and her father were going to North or
South Carl.  to her sisters for Thanksgiving.  She told me she wanted to meet
you somewhere in between both of you.  I just don't know how, what, when, or
where.  Sorry.  Yes am feeling better.  I slept for 4 days and nights.  Hurt
so bad couldn't even walk.  Onc. said I had the flu, but hubby DR. David. Said
dr. doesn't know what he's talking about.  Boy, I never want to get that sick
again. NEVER go to emergance room again.  You go there sick and you come out
sicker. LOL.  Doing good still have broncitus,  Please forgive my spelling.
but spell check knockes me off aol and i loose my letters.  Will talk to you
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