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Re: [MOL] Hello all... She's back!!

Dearest Carla,

Welcome back dear lady. Sure were missed. HOpe your time was therapeutic
and fun. Sounds like it was. Glad to have you  back.

God Bless
marty and Barb

> ken naehring wrote:
> Well, I am back home once again!!  This trip you could count on my
> being ready to return...  We took my parents and the dog and went to
> my brothers in Nashville, Tennessee for Thanksgiving...  We shared
> good family time and I found some new blessings to share.. I truly
> hope that all of you did the same...
> Last night we went to the Opryland Hotel...  What a place..  We walked
> for 2 hours (after dinner) and still didn't really get to see and
> enjoy it all.  It was absolutely packed with people and it was hard to
> move through, but still I was my usual childlike self with my eyes
> wide open and a smile on my face.  I took 2 rolls of film and should
> any of them turn out wonderfully when developed, I will let you all
> know and scan them.. All I can say is if you ever get the chance to go
> there, do so...especially during the holiday time..
> We also went to Twitty City on Friday night and it was lit up so
> beautifully.. It is now the Trinity Broadcasting Center.  I don't know
> how many millions of lights they used, but I am sure it is in the
> millions and just gorgeous...
> The weather was nice the whole time, but it is 70 degrees here...
> Time to take a little extra vitamin C... you know this up and down
> weather...  Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I need to go do
> all those romantic things...  Emission testing, standing in line for
> new tags for the cars.. etc..  That is because my birthday was last
> week and tomorrow is the end of the month...
> Well, I just wanted to let you all know that we are back and I will be
> catching up tomorrow evening with all of you...  I missed your hearts,
> my friends..  and P.S.  don't send me any of those Happy Anniversary
> cards.... !!  Just prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...  ROTFLOL!!
> Know that you are all in my heart and prayers... Love and hugs.. Carla
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