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Re: [MOL] Hi Frank, the Lone Ranger!!!!!!

Hi Frank,
Gosh!  Sees Candy from the Lone Ranger, that would be great, send it to 

Nancy L. Postema
97 N. Weber Road
North Muskegon, MI  49445

I've never had Sees Candy, unless that is like seefood diets!  Sees candy he
or she eats it, LOL  What did you ask Santa Clause to bring you?  Bye the way
in case I never told you, My Don was a nose gunner on a B-24 in W.W. II, he
was shot down 3 times, no injuries, lucky huh?
You take care,
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 Date:	11/29/98 10:50:34 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Frank Cromie)
 this is the lone ranger again,sitting at my desk with a bowl of strawberry
 ice cream,a can of pepsi,with a mounds candy bar.My daughter who lives in
 Texas wanted a wall clock for Christmas.She mentioned one that was at
 K.Mart,in fact,her first words as a baby was "attention K-mart shoppers"just
 kidding.Anyway they had this clock that she wanted.However,I surfed the net
 and found this real nice one.It is made of cheery wood,and has a pendulum.I
 think she will like this one better.How about a box of Sees Candy?You will
 have to forget your diet though.I hope you had a good weekend.I had blood
 work and a chest x-ray last week,I go to the doctor tomorrow.You take
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 Date: Sunday, November 29, 1998 9:17 PM
 Subject: Re: [MOL] Hi Frank, the Lone Ranger!!!!!!
 >Hi Frank,
 >Since you are feeling like the Lone Ranger, I thought I would write, I used
 >watch him all the time, but was never able to talk to him, so you just made
 >day, LOL.  Now don't you just feel special?  I've been on your diet, now I
 >think it's time to quit that seafood diet, I just have to turn things
 >You didn't forget the MOL's on your shopping spree, now did you?  See there
 >and you thought you were done, haha.  Can I tell you want I want, or are
 >just going to surprise me?  I just love Christmas, but mostly the true
 >of Christmas, and I just love to love and love to give.  I just don't have
 >enough Money, so all the MOL's get from me is all my love and support, and
 >most definitely my prayers.  I still like surprises though. OK?  LOL
 >Take care and God Bless you Frank,

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